11 Clearance Dresses with Nordstrom Rack


Happy Friday! I was browsing through the clearance section on Nordstrom Rack’s website, and I just had to show you guys all the super cute, inexpensive dresses I found. It got me thinking that I should always buy stuff when it’s out of season so that it’s super cheap. Why don’t more people do this?! I mean obviously you couldn’t wear the pieces right when you bought them (most of these dresses are summery), but I for one would love to have a closet of never-before worn dresses greeting me for springtime. Just as long as you don’t buy super trendy items and stick to classic silhouettes, I really don’t see why you shouldn’t take advantage of major clearance prices. 🙂 Ok anyways, now onto the dresses!


I love the bright orange of this dress. I mean, go bold or go home, am I right? This couldn’t really be worn right now, (although I don’t know, maybe with black tights and a killer leather jacket?) but it would be perfect come spring and summer for any graduations, brunches, or weddings you have to attend. The classic shift style also means you don’t have to worry about wearing “last season’s trend”.

Buy here for $28. Originally $138.


This crochet/off-white dress seems perfect for summer, but I also think it would transition into fall really well. I would love to pair this with fringe booties and an army green anorak jacket.

Buy here for $19. Originally $76.


This is a dress you could actually wear now, in this season! I love the body-con style and the elbow patches add a cute touch.

Buy here for $11. Originally $42.


This is a dress I would usually pass over, but there’s something I really like about the print. While I don’t see this as going with a ton of things, it would be cute with a jean jacket and sandals for a casual summer look or some pretty statement earrings and wedge sandals for a summer night.

Buy here for $20. Originally $118.


This dress is just so fun and unique! I love the lines and shape of it, and I’m pretty sure I’d feel like a movie star while wearing it. Unfortunately, the cool detail doesn’t continue onto the back. But I still love it. 🙂

Buy here for $27. Originally $108.


If I had to choose a dress out of this bunch, this one might be my favorite…I love the colors—not classic cheetah brown—and it truly could be worn in all seasons if styled properly. I used to hate leopard print, but now I’m all about it! Except I don’t really have any save my leopard flats…That’s why this dress would be so perfect.

Buy here for $20. Originally $98.


This is the perfect little white dress for all of your summer soirees. It could be dressed up or down, and I love the simplicity and classic shape of it. It also has a fun back!

Buy here for $24. Originally $90.


I love the big lace on this dress and the color, although I don’t know how I feel about the neckline…I think I would have to try it on to know if I like it. But it’s another pretty summer dress.

Buy here for $24. Originally $93.


Talk about the perfect New Year’s Eve dress…This dress has just the right amount of shimmer and I love the sliver of skin that shows through up top.

Buy here for $26. Originally $168.


I love anything that does the pattern mixing for you (like this outfit), and this dress is no exception. It’s so unique and reminds me of those blue and white Spanish tiles. I can’t see it being worn many ways though.

Buy here for $25. Originally $138.


I’ve really wanted a summer shirtdress ever since seeing Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam styling a similar pink one a few years ago. I don’t think I would like this dress if it weren’t for the super cute eyelet detailing at the bottom!

Buy here for $25. Originally $98.


I would love to find any one of these dresses underneath the Christmas tree! Unfortunately, a lot of them are dry cleaning which is SO annoying. But you really can’t beat the prices. If I were to buy all of these dresses, I would only pay $249 instead of the original combined price of $1167! Now that’s some savings.

Which dress is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


Miles of smiles,


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