How to Transition Palazzo Pants from Summer to Fall


Happy Wednesday! It’s been a busy week, but thankfully it’s going by quickly. Today I am sharing an idea for how to style your favorite palazzo pants for the fall/winter. (By the way, sorry most of the pictures are dark.)


I wore this outfit to school, but I could totally imagine wearing it to get coffee or even to the mall. It’s suuuper comfortable because I’m basically wearing pajamas. One of my friends even commented on how cozy I looked!


I love these boho palazzo pants, but I’ve never really known how to wear them outside of the spring or summer. I decided I was going to try and style them for the colder months (mainly because all my other pants were dirty, haha). I had this vision in my head of them paired with a sweater with the perfect half tuck, which I am still perfecting. I was worried the sweater would be too bulky for the pants, but I think the outfit worked out nicely! Although I would have rather worn black booties.

Can we take a moment to talk about this black purse? How cute is it?! I got it on Black Friday from Francesca’s for only $20, which is awesome because I’d been eyeing it for a really long time…I love elephants. 🙂

I hope this gave you some inspiration for wearing pants like these year around. I would recommend wearing tights underneath them though, because they’re usually made out of thin material. Anyways, have a great Wednesday!


Miles of smiles,



Sweater: JCPenney, $18, similar here // Pants: JCPenney, $18, last seen here, similar here // Shoes: DSW, $35, last seen here // Purse: Francesca’s, $20, no longer online but similar here

3 thoughts on “How to Transition Palazzo Pants from Summer to Fall

  1. Aubrie December 7, 2016 / 7:49 PM

    O! M! G! Ur purse is extremely cute!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍


  2. Jonathan Caswell February 17, 2017 / 4:52 PM

    LOVE the sweater, Grace!… Do the name of the pants refer to their pattern?


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