Tartan or Plaid



Happy Monday! Today I’m styling these printed pants, but I realized while writing this post that I don’t know what the difference is between tartan and plaid…Is there even a difference?

Anyways, I want you to know that these grubby grey sneakers were not my first choice for this outfit. However, right before I left for school, I opened the garage door to find it pouring rain. The shoes I was planning on wearing can’t be worn in the rain and I didn’t have time to grab a different pair, thus, grubby grey shoes.


I never know what to wear with these pants. I usually wear the same sweater with them over and over again so I’m trying to branch out. However, the color scheme always remains the same…Either gray or black on top. Maybe a denim collared shirt would look cute with them?

Have a great day!


Miles of smiles,



T-Shirt: JCPenney, $6, buy here // Pants: unknown, $40, similar here // Jacket: JCPenney, $62, similar here // Shoes: Target, $15, super similar here

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