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Hi gals! I hope you all had a nice weekend. I’ve done a bit of shopping recently, so I thought I would share what I got.


One // My friends and I participated in an event last weekend that involved costumes, so the five of us decided to go as the gang from Scooby Doo. It was so much fun! My ginger friend went as Daphne, but none of us had a purple dress for her to wear. I got this one from Amazon because we were short on time and just wanted something cheap. It’s actually a really cute dress and very comfy. I can see it getting styled in a lot of ways, and it comes in a ton of colors as well.


Two // I stopped by JCPenney a few weekends ago and stumbled upon this super cute lace-up shirt. I’m not usually a trend follower, but this shirt was just too cute to resist, plus it was on sale.


Three // I also stopped in Francesca’s and purchased two great pieces of outerwear. I’m really excited about this vest because it looks just like those JCrew ones I see all over Pinterest and blogs, but it’s a fraction of the price!


Four // Saturday night I made a quick stop in Dillard’s after dinner, which I hadn’t been to in forever. I found these super cute shoes, except mine are black, and they were on sale. Saturday was also the last day of an additional 40% off (I think?) of sale items, so they ended up only costing $30 instead of the original $80. I figured that I needed a new pair of black sandals so now I can finally retire those boring black braid sandals that I wear all of the time on the blog (seen here, here, and here).


Five // This was my other great find from Francesca’s. I did pay full price for it, but I know I will wear it a ton this fall and winter. The details on the sleeves, which are hard to see in the picture, are so cool!


Six // I also got another pair of black pants, so now I can retire a couple of my old pairs that were getting pretty snug. These pants are so cute because of the little zipper pockets.

Have a nice day, and thanks for stopping by!


Miles of smiles,


P.S. Sorry about the random email on Saturday night. Sometimes when I’m scheduling posts it publishes them instead, which is really annoying! 

One, $20 // Two, $20 // Three, $45 // Four, $30 // Five, $60 // Six, $30

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